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Resources for VETERANS/Active Duty Military and their Families--- for Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC.  

Downloadable guides and Veteran discount links

VA Loan Toolkit, Tobin Seven, Veteran

VA guide to home loans, 2021 updated edition

Military Base Guides, Tobin Seven, Veteran

Local 9 Military Base Guides. 
Links to download are below.

Veteran discounts, all year

Veteran discounts, all year long.  Hundreds of discounts from major companies.  Buying a car?  Automotive parts? Travel?  PCs and laptops?  Clothing?  Food?  Jewelry?  Much more.  List updated frequently.


Thinking of BUYING  a home or SELLING a house?  Free helpful guides.  Download pdf of 24+ page seasonal "BUYING a home" and "SELLING a house".

Summer is a great time to BUY a home.

Helpful tips for SELLING your house this summer.

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